Christmas de Caballos/Toys for Tots Horse Parade

The Christmas de Caballos/Toys for Tots horse parade was held in New Mexico by Steve Simmons before he brought it to Rigby. Pictured is the Marine Corp Honor Guard in New Mexico.

Christmas de Caballos/Toys for Tots Horse Parade in Rigby is a parade being put on by Steve Simmons, a resident of Egin, ID. The event will be held this Saturday, Oct. 16 at 11 a.m.

Simmons came from the New Mexico area before he moved to Egin, which is a farm town just west of St. Anthony. While in New Mexico, Simmons stated he did the horse parade for about 16 years before he thought of putting one on southeast Idaho. Simmons hopes this will become an annual event.

According to Simmons, his mother’s family homesteaded in southeast Idaho, and he has been coming here since he was a little boy. Simmons knew this was where he wanted to be when he retired.

When Simmons moved up to Egin a year and a half ago, he thought Rigby would be the perfect place to put the parade. Because of the rodeo and fairgrounds, Simmons stated it looked like a great place to bring the parade; it’s a well populated area to bring lots of faces to the event.

According to information provided by Simmons, it is a horses only event. Simmons mentioned he has had horses for the past 20 years and enjoys them.

“We made it horses only event because lot of horse people want to be in a parade, but motorcycles, sirens and bands can be make the horses intimidated,” Simmons said. “Having a horses only parade allows them to be more comfortable. It’s also a unique event.”

The name of the event, Christmas de Caballos, means Christmas for Horses, which makes it a special event for horses. Simmons stated they paired with Toys for Tots because it’s a nice charity to support. It also bring credibility to their event.

Simmons has asked that those who want to attend the parade as well as be in the parade to bring an unwrapped gift for someone aged 16 and younger.

“When I met with the mayor and the police chief, they seemed enthusiastic about it,” Simmons also said. “They deserve credit for helping me because they seemed excited about the event from the start.”

Those who will be participating in the parade will be the Marine Corp Honor Guard, American Legion Honor Guard, horse and carriage with Santa, horse and wagon with dignitaries, horses and riders, anyone walking with a horse and any remaining horses and wagons. Participants are asked to not throw candy to the spectators.

It will be a one mile loop, starting in the parking lot of the Yellowstone Trailer parking area, 439 N 4000 E. According to Simmons, those interested in watching the parade, the best place will be around Stockham Blvd.

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