The Rigby City Council approved the purchase of a 2021 Can-Am side-by-side for $21,838.77. The side-by-side will be replacing the 2006 Mule side-by-side that was purchased new in the same year.

According to Rigby Public Works Director Mitch Bradley, they use the current machine rather frequently and that it’s getting pretty old. Rexburg Motor Sports offered a $1,500 trade in for the 2006 machine, which Bradley said he would rather take to an auction and set a minimum bid.

The minimum bid will depend on if they auction the plow with it, but it will be no lower than $2,000.

City Council members suggested keeping the 2006 machine and having two for the city’s use, but Bradley stated that he believes it will start to cost more than it’s worth if it begins to need repairs.

Bradley originally budgeted $15,000 for the purchase and received approval for the $7,000 difference. The new side-by-side will be purchased from Rexburg Motor Sports, with Bradley stating that the Can-Am was the best option.

“We looked around and the Can-Am had the best reviews for the kind of work we do,” Bradley said. “We don’t want something to just go fast, we want a work horse.”

Bradley said they use side-by-sides for plowing sidewalks, walking paths at South Park and for hauling branches and spraying for weeds.