Rigby City Council once again awarded a contract for solid waste collection to Eagle Rock Sanitation.

The city received four RFQs from PSI, Eagle Rock, Choice Sanitation and Trashman Sanitation. PSI, Eagle Rock and Choice Sanitation participated in the previous requests for proposals from the city.

The four scorers unanimously chose Eagle Rock as the highest in each of the categories, which included: responsiveness of written proposal to stated purpose and scope of work (15%), proposal of services and deliverables including pricing schedules (30%), firm experience and qualifications of personnel including financial stability (25%), transition plan including equipment disposition, staffing utilization and performance timelines (10%), quality/results of past performance (15%), location of firm (5%).

Percentages indicate how much each category weighed on the decision of which company to award the contract to.

Scores on each one has Eagle Rock scored highest and the added up qualifications resulted in the council moving to award the contract to Eagle Rock Sanitation, which was approved unanimously.

Rigby had issued the request for proposals on two other occasions where the proper legal guidelines weren’t followed initially. The first time the city looked at proposals, they followed two different processes for reviewing the proposals. The second time, the city did not publish the date and time of when the bids would be opened.

Public Works Director Mitch Bradley initially wanted the process concluded to start the new company at the beginning of the year but wanted the city to move forward until they were able to award the contract as it would save residents quite a bit of money to use an outside company.