City considering curbside pick-up alternative


The Rigby City Council is considering an alternative to its curbside pick-up service that allows residents to place grass clippings or tree trimmings on their curb and have city officials pick up to be burned at the Annis burn pit.

Public Works Director Mitch Bradley introduced the idea during the Jan. 3 City Council meeting. He indicated that in the sanitation budget, $40,000 is allocated to curbside pick-up that includes man-power, fuel and equipment.

“We spent almost $40,000 last year on curbside pick-up,” he said. “It’s killing us; it’s killing that budget.”

Mayor Jason Richardson said the city has had a line item for the service each year, and each year the budget is increased due to more and more residents utilizing the service.

As an alternative, Bradley suggested implementing a yard debris bin type system using blue or green 96 gallon garbage cans. Cans would only be distributed to residents interested, and each homeowner that uses the can system would be charged $10 per month.

“Maybe we can at least breakeven,” Bradley said.

He suggested the city pick the debris up four times per month—similar to garbage pick-up— to start off, and then if they need to they can reduce it to every other week.

Bradley said city officials frequently find garbage mixed in with grass clippings while they pick-up bags on the curb. With the garbage can system, if they encounter any trash mixed with the yard debris, cans may be revoked.

“If you put garbage in them, we’ll take them,” he said.

Overall the council said they understand where Bradley is coming from and that they would be interested in considering the change. For now the council suggested it be placed on a future agenda for possible approval before spring.

“Just something to think about,” Bradley said. “It’s becoming a huge burden.”

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