City Council discusses the future of Rigby

Rigby City Seal

Economic Development Director Brent Tolman visited with the Rigby City Council Aug. 20 to discuss the future of Rigby and possible opportunities for growth.

“I think Rigby has a great story to tell and can share that with the world,” Tolman said to council members.

Tolman gave the council information on the group Regional Economic Development in Idaho, or REDI. According to Tolman, once a city joins REDI, it becomes a marketing arm in the region, giving the city access to their database of connections in order to sell itself to possible businesses.

To join REDI, the group charges a city one dollar per capita. Tolman budgeted $2,150 for the city to pay to first join and if they choose to continue using REDI’s network, the city will move up to paying the full assessment of the population, which is approximately $4,300.

Council members stated that they would like to see some of the success REDI has had in the region in the past three to five years, but said it seemed like a reasonable amount of money to join and invest in growth for Rigby.

“Economic development is a long term gain,” Tolman said. “It’s not a flash in the pan — you’re gonna do something today that’s gonna result in a big hit tomorrow... It does take time to get your name out there and who you are and connecting with site selectors. It’s about relationship building.”

Tolman stated they would be able to gather success stories from REDI to show not only the council, but also the community so residents are aware of why there needs to be funding with Economic Development.