City elections are coming up and many seats are available. Election day is Nov. 2. for Jefferson and Clark County, and both have many seats that were open. Below are the people who filed for the positions for each city.

In Jefferson County, the cities of Hamer, Lewisville, Menan, Mud Lake, Rigby, Ririe and Roberts all have seats open.

For the City of Hamer, there were two council seats available, but only one Dan Murdock is running, and he already holds that position.

For the City of Lewisville, the mayor and three council seats were available. Curtis Thomas is running for Mayor, Celena Lewis is running for a council member seat, and Brigham Briggs, who currently holds a council member seat, is running unopposed. There is no one running for the third council seat.

For the City of Menan, there were two city council seats up, but there are three people running. Amy Gahn and Brian Storm are re-running for their council seats. Ben Smith and Don W. Hawkes are also running for a council seat.

For the City of Mud Lake, there are two city council seats. Rosalva Llamas and Glenna Caudle are re-running for their city positions.

The City of Rigby has one mayor and three city council seats available. John Anderson, Richard Datwyler and Brian Juenke are all running for mayor.

Jason Richardson, Mike Wilder, Val D. Orme and Becky Harrison are all running for city council seats. Harrison currently serves on the city council.

The City of Ririe has four council seats available. William R. Jones, Eric Bennion, Howard Kimmel and Robert Johnson are all re-running for their council seats.

For the City of Roberts, there are two council seats available. Shauna Lounsbury and Benjamin Poston are both re-running for their council positions.

In Clark County, Dubois and Spencer have city seats available.

For the City of Dubois, there are three positions available. Annette Eddins is re-running for mayor. City council members Erica Perez and Joel Billman are also re-running for their seats.

For the City of Spencer, there are three seats available. David Price and Lyle Holden are both running for mayor; Lyle Holden is re-running for his seat. Ramon Martinez and Treva May are both re-running for their city council seats.

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