Clark County Assessor Carrie May was approved a $6 increase in their administrative fees at the DMV during the Clark County commissioner meeting on Sept. 13.

During the meeting, the commissioners unanimously approved the increase. May stated the original fee was $3.25. May believes the fee has been $3.25 since 2007; prior to that, the fee had been $2.75 and had been that way for more than 15 years, before May had become the assessor.

May stated the reason the fee was increased is so that it covers the cost of having her employee work part-time. The $3.25 fee was only covering approximately half of the employees pay, and so May increased it to $6.

According to May, she has submitted the paperwork for the increase to the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), and the fee should be officially increased on Oct. 1, but the renewal notices go out two months in advance, so the increase won’t show up on a resident’s renewal notice until Dec.

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