Clark County Superintendent Eileen Holden brought to the school board the opportunity to have an outdoor classroom located on a piece of property in Spencer during their meeting on July 8.

Holden stated that while Dr. Wilding was still superintendent, he did research on properties the school owned and came across this property in Spencer that is a wetland. Dr. Wilding went over the history of the property and compiled information regarding the property before he left office July 1.

“I discussed with the board what classes would be utilizing the property and if it would be beneficial to move forward,” Holden said.

According to Holden, the discussion of the property and the fact that the school owned it started with the board in May; then in June the suggestions of possibly using it as an outdoor classroom began. The project is currently on-going, as the school intends to reach out to the property owners surrounding the school’s property because the school would need to use a road that is located near the homeowners.

Holden stated since the property is practically in the school’s backyard, they could provide an educational experience to students about wetlands and their importance to the area, especially in a dry period such as what the state is in now.

“It could be for elementary students, but it could also be for high school biology,” said Holden. “It will be open to all grades; any teacher can tie it into their curriculum. We know that hands-on-learning can be more beneficial to students.”

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