The Clark County School Board was awarded The Idaho Children’s Trust Fund grant during their Aug. 12 meeting; the school received $5,000.

According to Superintendent Eileen Holden, they are going to use the funds to have a tutor one Friday a month for students who need help academically, as well as to provide mental support in an effort to combine some of the students needs.

"The funds can also be used to provide some financial support to families who need it," said Holden. "Families can request funds to run their electricity for a month, sports fees, and other things like that."

Holden stated the grant will be used to help provide a safe environment for students to grow mentally, academically and socially.

According to Holden, they have 120 days to expend the funds, which sounds like a lot, but when there are a lot of students to take care of, its not a lot of money to spread around.

"We will do a cycle every month to see what people are needing and review that until the money is gone," Holden said. 

All grant related activities for these funds must be completed by Dec. 31 in order to continue to receive necessary funds for assistance for the school.

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