Jefferson County commissioners approved a number of purchases Sept. 30 for a total of around $45,000.

State Homeland Security Program purchases made up most of those approved by commissioners. The fiscal year ended Sept. 30, and Emergency Management Coordinator Rebecca Squires said the time had come to spend Homeland Security grant money.

Once she receives approval from the state, Squires will be able to purchase five portable radios at $13,000, eight body cameras for the sheriff’s office at $4,000 and a carbon monoxide monitor at $5,000. Three of the radios will go to Central Fire District, while two will be for Rigby Police Department. The carbon monoxide monitor is the finishing piece to a portable self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) trailer the volunteer fire district has. SCBAs provide breathable air to firefighters.

“(The SCBA trailer) will be a great asset county-wide, because when there’s a large incident and they’re needing the SCBAs, they’ll have the ability to call out the trailer and be able to refill them,” Squires said.

Squires said she will bring more purchase orders for commissioners to approve, including courthouse security enhancements, SCBAs to be kept in the county jail and tables and chairs for possibly relocating the emergency operations center to the upstairs in the county courthouse annex building. Squires said 25% of the grant must go toward law enforcement, which the police department radios, the body cameras and the jail SCBAs will.

Outside of spending grant money, commissioners also approved the purchase of new certifiable livestock scales for the Jefferson County Fairgrounds at $5,700, a copier for planning and zoning for $6,200 and a new trailer for the Jefferson County Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species Control Department.

Mitch Whitmill, weed superintendent, said Sept. 16 a new trailer is needed to haul the department’s tractor mower and water tank. Commissioners approved the purchase of a trailer for $11,500 that day. However, on Sept. 30, they approved a rebid on a separate trailer for $10,400.