In Monteview, 2600 North has not been a fun road to drive, according to a complaint Jefferson County Commissioners said they received from a school bus driver.

Public Works Administrator Dave Walrath, having also received the complaint, presvented it in an Oct. 21 county commissioners meeting.

Following the meeting, Walrath said he drove the road and found there were a few spots where it was rough to drive.

“I drove them at 50, 55, but there were a few spots (on 2600 North) where it was washboardy,” he said Oct. 29.

Roads can be graded to make them smoother to drive on, and Walrath said county workers regraded the roads that week, after his drive.

Before driving the road, Walrath said he was skeptical the road would need work. On Oct. 21, he said he frequently receives false alarms on roads, and said county workers had graded the road within the past month.

Commissioner Roger Clark said, in the same meeting, the vehicle could make a difference.

“She drives school bus, and that’s what she said — that in a car it might not be too bad, but in her school bus it just liked to shake the thing apart,” Clark said.

Commissioner Scott Hancock said the bus driver felt Walrath had been rude to her. Walrath said he may not have been as nice as he could have been.

“It gets old, because it’s the same thing over and over,” he said.

Walrath said people do not always think road and bridge workers do anything in the county. He said on the contrary, those in the department have done miles of work throughout the county this year. Clark said he thinks citizens do not always realize work is being done.

“I think some of them aren’t aware of actually what’s going on if it’s not happening right on their road,” he said.

On Oct. 28, Clark said he received another call from the same person thanking the county for grading the roads.

“It was wonderful, she can drive her bus down them,” Clark said.