Jefferson County commissioners approved three plat amendments Nov. 18.

One amendment split a property into two sections, another combined three plats and another shifted some property from one section to another. The county planning and zoning commission recommended all three for approval.

Applicant Steve Abbott wanted to split a 5 acre parcel of Jenkins Acres into a 4 acre and a 1 acre plat. Jenkins Acres is a residential area located on 4000 East. Jenny Kerr, county planner, said the 1 acre lot would be in the back of the property, and said an easement would provide access to the property. Commissioner Scott Hancock said since the lot would be 1 acre, it would be possible to build on it.

Another applicant, Wayne Jones, had three subdivision lots that were too small for building upon, and sought to combine them. Commissioner Shayne Young asked if the lots had not been considered part of the original development. Kerr said they were, but said changes made the lots unbuildable.

“What they presented it as and what they ended up developing it as were two different things,” Kerr said.

Hancock said combining the lots would clean up the plat’s situation.

“You wouldn’t sell those parcels separate, keep it all together, I think it makes perfect sense,” he said.

The final plat amendment involved County Line Commercial Park on 12 North. Kerr said applicant David Evans wanted to increase the size of his parcel from .27 to .44 acres, and decrease the lot size for his company, Fun Exercise, from .77 to .60. Hancock said when it comes to commercial subdivisions, it can be difficult to size those subdivisions.

“It’s really a guessing game when you’re trying to develop a commercial subdivision, I have no problems with this,” Hancock said.