Jefferson County is in the beginning stages of upgrading its capital improvement plan after convening during a work meeting Jan. 28 to see what steps need to take place and in what order.

Commissioner Shayne Young said overall the capital improvement plan “looks good” and that only a few minor changes may need to be applied.

“It’s laid out pretty well and pretty straight forward,” he said.

One aspect that the commissioners and Planning and Zoning Administrator Kevin Hathaway said needs to be added is updated figures, considering the current plan was adopted Jan. 23, 2009 and began development in 2007.

“The previous plan anticipated more growth than what took place,” Commissioner Roger Clark said.

Emergency Management Director Rebecca Squires added that the Jefferson County Road and Bridge Department should state the number of assets for the number of roads. She indicated that road miles haven’t increased, but there are now more trips per day due to growth.

Adding this she said should in-turn justify what projects need to be completed.

“We have the same road miles now as we did then, but there is more usage,” she said. “Road miles don’t reflect the growth we’ve had.”

During the process of updating the plan, the county is required to form a committee consisting of members of the planning and zoning commission, members of the public and a developer. The board must consist of at least five members.

Because they receive impact fees, department heads from the public works department and parks and recreation will also provide input, along with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Central Fire District and Roberts Fire District.

The previous advisory committee included Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Commissioners Michael Clark, Ed Mortensen, Holly Hancock (former), Byron Evans (former) and developer and general contractor Jim Bernard.

Before forming the advisory committee, Hathaway suggested the commissioners review the plan on an individual basis. He recommended they update the area of impact agreements first and then proceed with the capital improvement plan. Afterwards they can ensue with updating the comprehensive plan.

Overall the commissioners agreed. Commissioner Scott Hancock said they will review the plan over the next couple months while area of impact agreements are updated and then continue from there.

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