The County Line Landfill will increase the number of days it operates beginning March 1 to now be open from Thursday through Saturday.

The landfill is currently open Friday and Saturday.

Jefferson County Public Works Administrator Dave Walrath said the added day will last until the end of October to help alleviate congestion the landfill experiences during the spring and summer.

“That should ease up some of the lines that existed at County Line during the summer months,” he said during the Jan. 28 Jefferson County staff meeting.

The commissioners and Walrath originally discussed the idea of increasing operating hours during a meeting in June 2018. Former Commissioner Brian Farnsworth said he believed the area was getting busy enough to warrant additional days.

During that meeting Commissioner Scott Hancock said the additional days would be predominantly from May to September when people utilize the landfill the most. However the solid waste department needed to look at how much it would cost to staff the landfill.

Later in the meeting Jan. 28, Walrath said the department will be adding an additional employee at the landfill to support the added day.

“We’re going to add a guy at solid waste as well, that’s going to help us keep the County Line Landfill open another day,” he said.

When the hours of the landfill revert back to Friday and Saturday Oct. 31, the added employee will work at Circular Butte Landfill.

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