Nearly 30 years after Idaho law began requiring people and entities to register underground facilities with Idaho Digline, Menan is working to become a member of the service.

“We were required by law back in 1990 to sign up to that program, but we did not,” Menan Mayor Tad Haight said.

The city council recently voted to authorize Haight to file paperwork with Digline and provide master plans of infrastructure to the service.

Haight said he recently became aware the city was out of compliance with Idaho law after Fybercom hit a couple of natural gas lines and a sewer line in the process of installing lite fiber to city residents. He said the city being part of Digline would not have prevented the cuts, since the lines were not part of the main city infrastructure. However, the mishaps made city officials aware they needed to become part of the one-call service.

“We’re taking steps to prevent further problems as we move forward,” Haight said.

Allyson Pettingill, city clerk, said Menan will send in a map of the city’s main sewer lines. She said offshoots to individual houses will not be included on the map. She said Matt Walker, head of Menan public works, would have a rough idea where those lines would be and would be the one working most with Digline.

“Once we are a part of Digline, Matt is the one that will go out and mark where our lines are,” Pettingill said.

As of Nov. 22, Haight said forms for Menan to join Digline were still being filed.