As Eastern Idaho Public Health reports nearly 7,000 cases of COVID-19, the board voted Oct. 8 to remove most restrictions from the High Risk level of the response plan.

In the Moderate Risk level, Bonneville, Custer, Fremont, Jefferson and Teton Counties are under a mask mandate. Clark County remains as the only county in the Minimal Risk level.

With Madison’s move into the High Risk level, they won’t see further restrictions past the mask mandate.

The only two mitigation strategies left in the High Risk level are to encourage vulnerable populations to self-isolate and that schools should implement strategies in response.

The threshold to enter into the High Risk level now says a county must sustain an active rate of 30 per 10,000, instead of 50, for three or more days.

In the Board meeting, EIPH District Director Geri Rackow spoke on the strategies the board eliminated, saying it was her recommendation to remove those strategies.

“It’s the same public health message: stay home when you’re sick, limit your interaction with others outside of your household, when you can’t do that, wear a face covering,” Rackow said. “It’s more of just a situational awareness for Madison County that things are increasing in your county, if you didn’t take it serious before, maybe you want to think about doing things a little bit differently now.”

The district had 754 active cases as of Oct. 12 and Jefferson County had 67 active cases and an active case rate of 22.4. Total cases in the county as of Oct. 12 were at 761.

Deaths in the district were at 31 with 21 in Bonneville County, one in Custer, three in Fremont, three in Jefferson, two in Madison and one in Teton.

The United States has seen over 215,000 deaths from COVID-19 and 7.79 million cases.