Councilwoman Aliza King and the Rigby City Council are sponsoring a Trick or Treat Fall Festival Oct. 24 at Pirate Park with vendors, food and a live DJ to host a costume contest.

Following the cancellation of the Chamber of Commerce Trick or Treat Main Street and Tadd Jenkins Halloween Events, King approached the city council to receive permission to put together a city event in lieu of the cancelled ones.

King stated Oct. 8 that she had 24 vendors for food and merchandise and 30 candy vendors for for the trick-or-treat portion.

“Some will be doing both candy and vending but there will be businesses only doing candy or only doing selling,” King said. “I’m getting more and more people everyday though.”

King said she hopes to provide families in the community a safe experience for trick-or-treating if they have family members with a disability or those that feel uncomfortable approaching homes. She also wants to give businesses an opportunity to be recognized as well.

In terms of a safe experience, King says she has asked vendors to spread their stands apart by 6 ft. but she has not had to submit to the city council a plan for specific safety measures in terms of distancing and masks.

“I think we’ll do signs that tell people that they’re entering at their own risk,” King said. “I figure that if they’re choosing to be there, they’re willing to take the risk.”

In the council’s vote to move forward with the event, councilwoman Nichole Weight was the only member to vote against the event.