(Rocky Mountain Power)—Line crews work hard to minimize power outages. Nonetheless there are triggering events, such as winter storms, that can’t always be controlled. When outages do occur, there are four things Rocky Mountain Power wants customers to know.

n Don’t rely on your neighbors. Reporting your own outage helps us restore service. The more customers there are reporting an outage, the better the information dispatch personnel has to work with in pinpointing the area and identifying the issues.

n Be prepared. Having a power outage kit, complete with flashlights, a battery-operated radio, blankets, water and extra batteries, can be extremely helpful when the lights go out. It’s also handy to have a portable backup battery for your mobile device.

n Stay safe. Don’t use kerosene or propane heaters inside without proper ventilation. If someone in your home is using life-saving medical equipment, be sure to have a back-up system and a plan of action for an outage.

n We’ll send you a text. In the past, customers would call or go online for updates on outages. But a new program allows you to receive text or email updates on an outage, including changes to the estimated time of restoration and cause.

Additionally, you can report an outage and get status alerts anytime by texting OUT or STAT to 759677.

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