The owner of the Good to Go gas station next to Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum has expressed interest in taking over the alleyway between the two buildings.

Ryan Meikle, attorney for Brad Hall and Associates, said the company has an interest in expanding the Little Caesars Express located in the gas station. Little Caesars Express stores are smaller versions of Little Caesars stores and typically have limited menus. Meikle said the desire is to expand what the store has to offer by adding a drive-through where the alley is.

“We have an option of doing more than having it be an Express store if we have a drive-through option for pizza,” Meikle said.

The drive-through would not impede garbage pickup or police access much, according to Rigby Public Works Director Mitch Bradley and Rigby Police Chief Sam Tower, respectively. Tower said the alleyway is probably used more for foot traffic than vehicle traffic currently.

Council members, the mayor and Meikle discussed options for use of the alley. The company could have an easement to use the city’s portion of the alley, or Brad and Associates could completely take it over. City officials raised questions regarding maintenance of the alley, including snow plowing and managing wear-and-tear to the road from increased traffic. If the alleyway were vacated, the city would no longer be responsible for it, Meikle said. He said it would also be the preference for those with Brad and Associates.

“Our real interest is having the city vacate that alley to us, and then we would become responsible for it,” Meikle said.

No one expressed opposition to the alley being used as a drive-through, but Tower said codes may prohibit it if it is considered a road. Rigby Mayor Jason Richardson and a few council members said ordinances and state codes would need to be checked into before any decisions were made.

Council member Kirk Olsen also said he would like to hear from people with the museum to determine whether the alley would be needed in future.

A few council members and Richardson said they felt the addition would be positive for the city.

“I’m glad you’re looking at the expansion, I think it’s good for us,” Richardson said.