After comments from Jefferson County employees and the contracted janitorial group that cleans the county building, commissioners voted to terminate the current contract and create a full-time janitorial position.

Bryan Briggs and two others filled the contract position to clean the Jefferson County Annex building. During the commissioners’ meeting June 8, concerns over the workers’ performance and security issues came to a head June 15 as the contract was officially given a 30 day termination notice.

Commissioner Scott Hancock stated at the meeting that the decision was being made for the benefit of the community, and that this decision didn’t just happen overnight.

Tammy Adkins, the Probation Administrator, stated that while her concerns were not personally against Briggs, she was upset with doors to their offices being left open on multiple occasions, something that could risk the integrity of private documents.

“We want to make sure our doors are locked and that we can maintain security with the types of records we keep,” Adkins said.

She went on to tell commissioners their office does drug and other health testing and that they need to have their offices cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis, along with having supplies refilled when they run out.

“As long as something isn’t complained about, it’s not seen as an issue,” Adkins said. “We’ve just stopped complaining because it’s seen as us having too high of standards and it turns into a fight. Like I said, it’s not a personal issue against Bryan, but there are issues that happen over and over. I would have a concern if the contract continued.”

An employee with Briggs went on to defend their work, stating that there are several security issues that could’ve been resolved if their request for key cards had been filled.

“We don’t want to drag anything out,” Hancock went onto say. “We just want to do what’s best for the county.”

Commissioner Shayne Young told Briggs and the other cleaners that he understands how they feel, where changes were made and he had to move onto another job.

Young then motioned to end the current janitorial contract and issue a 30 day termination notice with the contract officially ending July 15.

“I won’t say that we’ve been perfect,” Briggs told commissioners. “But there’s aspects of our work that’s been hindered because of county operations, not our own doing. I realize we’ve made a few mistakes, but I feel like we’ve done pretty well.”

The position will now be a full-time janitorial employee position to be filled by a single person.