After about a six month delay with construction, the Jefferson County Courthouse Annex’s grand opening is tentatively set for July 8 following the weekly commissioners meeting.

The county commissioners discussed the grand opening June 3, during their first meeting in the annex. Chairman Scott Hancock said the grand opening will likely include a public tour of the building and a ribbon cutting to make the building official.

County employees have started to move into and conduct business in the annex. Multiple departments that were previously scattered throughout Rigby in leased buildings will now be consolidated in the county-owned annex. However, Hancock said there is still work to be done before the building and building grounds are entirely finished.

“We still don’t have the grounds done,” he said. “Back parking lot, we’ll probably be working on that shortly.”

Hancock said a few other kinks are being worked out, but said he hopes the project will be done before the tentatively scheduled grand opening.

The annex was originally set to be completed in late January, but the development has been pushed back numerous times due primarily to complications with subwater flooding on the bottom level, said Dave Walrath, the administrator of public works.

“That was not anticipated, it was not designed for,” Walrath said.” So, the sub water down there had sufficient pressure that it actually started lifting the concrete floor, and it cracked it. And we had to chip a hole in the floor, and there was actually a geyser coming up.”

Because of this, the construction workers had to put in a dewatering system, which took time, Walrath said. Inclement weather also played a small role in the delays, though Walrath said that mostly affected work outside of the building, such as the parking lot and sidewalk construction. Walrath said the back parking lot still cannot be worked on because of the wet ground.

“That’s still soft back there,” Walrath said about the ground where the parking lot will be.

County clerk Colleen Poole said the sub water complications also likely raised the cost of the building from the initial $4 million bid.

“It cost us some time and money,” she said.

The exact amount has not yet come in, though, so she said she is not yet sure how much extra it will end up costing.

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