Building and Grounds Supervisor for the Jefferson County Courthouse Travis Thompson was approved by the Jefferson County Commissioners to have the painting done by New Image Painting for a total of $33,980, and to purchase materials from Wall 2 Wall for $56,467.

Thompson informed the commissioners this paint job would be done in the Assessor’s office, the Clerk’s office, the old commissioner room and offices surrounding it.

Thompson had brought before the commissioners two different paint companies that could do the work for the courthouse: Sharp Painting and New Image Painting. Thompson mentioned Sharp painting had done the work in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Thompson stated Sharp Painting could do the job for $31,980 with a lower quality paint, or for $33,980 with a higher quality paint. Thompson was told they would be able to get the job done in about five days, starting next week. Thompson mentioned other companies were not available to start until a month later. According to Thompson, Sharp and New Image painting preferred to do their work on nights and weekends.

Commissioner Scott Hancock asked if they would be able to get the job done before October, and Thompson said it could take a month, maybe more.

Clerk Colleen Poole stated they can pay this through the budget until the middle of October.

Commissioner Shayne Young mentioned he is worried about the timing with Sharps Painting. Hancock stated New Image already has the paint.

Thompson stated they would bring in two crew and get this done in five days, maximum. Poole asked if they needed to move anything, and Thompson stated he would move anything that needed to be moved.

The commissioners then unanimously approved to have New Image Painting to have the job completed by the end of September for a total of $33,980.

Thompson then informed the commissioners about the three companies they could get the carpet from: Battleson, Wall 2 Wall and Carpet One. Thompson stated that Carpet One for material this came out to $68,000, Battleson is $42,300 and Wall 2 Wall is $42,639. Thompson mentioned he would like to buy the carpet now and then install it next year. The carpet will be installed in the same areas that are being painted.

The commissioners then unanimously approved to have Thompson purchase carpet from Wall 2 Wall for $56,467, with labor to be at $14 an hour.

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