Jefferson County Department heads provided commissioners with their monthly updates.

Lori Dye from the Jefferson County 4-H Office started off the meeting with her update. The last two weeks have been fairs, so Dye stated she’s been busy.

Dye mentioned she is proud of the youth and what they accomplished over the last two weeks. Dye isn’t sure how much was made during the market sales, but believes it’s the biggest they’ve had yet.

Public Works Director Dave Walrath then gave his update, stating Aug. 23 was the deadline for qualifications on designing a transfer station.

Walrath then stated they will be finishing up chip sealing by the end of the week and then start overlays.

Parks and Rec Director Mickey Eames gave her update by stating June 26 was a success and went pretty smooth for the number of people that were at the lake for the Fourth of July.

According to Eames, the lake has slowed down a bit with the rainy weather, but Eames said they are usually ready for the slowdown.

Eames stated they are working on getting their second playground equipment and have it put in by the first part of September.

Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species supervisor Mitch Whitmill gave a short update that he is just trying to stay ahead of kosha.

Commissioner Scott Hancock stated all it took was a little bit of rain.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Kevin Hathaway stated they had two new hires, so they are now fully staffed since March.

Hathaway stated they are currently working on updates, and they are now over sixty permits.

Garn Harrick from IT stated they would have had a perfect month, except one person did click on the phishing email.

Grounds Manager Travis Thompson did not have anything to report.

Sheriff Steve Anderson stated they are preparing for the coming school year. The department has had some turnover recently with people leaving for other opportunities.

HR and Emergency Manager Rebecca Squires stated there has been a bunny taken from the fair, which was upsetting for the young girl.

According to Squires, the river flow will be coming down this week. The flows are a lot stronger this late in the year, and it’s more of what they see in June and not August. The downstream demand is what is causing the flow to be stronger than normal. The Palisades is about 26% full and American Falls is 14%.

Squires mentioned, for COVID, they have 14.1 cases per 10,000, and have 421 cases district wide. Squires stated, looking at the cases and hospitalizations, she can see an increase, so everyone should take an effort to protect themselves.

Squires stated, in the HR department, she has been going through salary requests. With the consideration of COLA, a lot of the salaries will be met with this.

Treasurer Kristine Lund joined the meeting over Zoom.

Lund stated the warrant of distraint turnover for the Sheriff’s Office was the lowest she has seen for the second round of the year.

According to Lund, two of their problem pieces in Menan got completely taken away so they won’t have those problems again.

Lund stated right now she is working on 2018 and has 99 parcels where they normally have 300 to 400. Lund hopes things are changing, even with everything else that is going on in the community.

Lund mentioned collections were good and are continuing to be that way.

Public Defender John Stosich then gave his update.

Stosich asked if they were participating with the Board of Guardians.

Commissioner Scott Hancock stated they approved some money for them but no one ever came in with a request.

Stosich mentioned he saw it in previous minutes, but was not sure where they rested on it. Stosich stated they are not participating right now but have money set aside.

Hancock mentioned Paul Ziel is the attorney for the Board of the Guardians.

Prosecuting Attorney Mark Taylor stated they were looking into this but the connection never happened. Their hope is they will move forward with then then look at the payment.

Stosich said, other than that, things are going well.

Taylor gave his update to the commissioners.

Taylor stated they had a meeting with the Child Advocacy Center and shared some information on child abuse cases. They are reporting a significant uptick in these caseloads.

Taylor mentioned they will remain vigilant on keeping their office fully staffed. The backlog from COVID is being handled, so they are now dealing with more current cases.

Hancock asked if Taylor will be letting Chase Hendricks go, who was helping with the backlog, and Taylor stated he will bring that up in the executive session.

Clerk Colleen Poole stated to the commissioners she has copies of the budgets. Squires and herself have been working through the salary requests and if the commissioners have any questions to ask it during the budget discussion.

Commissioner Roger Clark stated he appreciates everyone who came to the meeting.

Commissioner Shayne Young stated those who are hospitalized because of COVID, 95% of them were not vaccinated. The vaccination is there for those who want it, and it does work. The more who get vaccinated the less of a pandemic the community will be in.

Hancock stated the budgets will be finalized today. Thanks to the Extension Office for their participation in the fair.

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