Jefferson County forms parks and rec committee to help plan events

Families spend time at Jefferson County Lake each summer. Mickey Eames, county parks and recreation director, said an advisory committee will help make the most of the popular summer destination.

More events could be coming to Jefferson County Lake this year after county commissioners officially approved the formation of a parks and recreation advisory committee

Mickey Eames, county parks and recreation director, said she is now searching for individuals to join the volunteer committee. Those who do will likely meet once a month in open meetings and will be responsible to help plan major events. They will also help develop plans for the future of parks and recreation spaces, provide education and have other duties.

The committee will consist of five members along with the head of the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department, with “at least one member selected from each commissioner district.” Eames said selecting individuals from different areas will provide a wider variety of perspectives.

“Hopefully we’ll get enough of these different areas involved in it,” she said.

She said a few people have approached her about being on the committee, but she said she does not want them to underestimate the work it will take.

“They’re going to have to be fairly committed,” Eames said. “They need to know what they’re getting into.”

Eames said she wants to speak with committee members before deciding what the committee will do this year. She said she would like to have Christmas lights around the lake, which would require sponsors and community support. Previously, she also said she would like to have an event at Jefferson County Lake each month during the summer. She said she personally does not have enough time to coordinate everything.

“There’s just enough stuff that’s going on that I’m taking care of that it’s hard to stay on top of different events,” she said.

She said her main focus has been and will continue to be on the Independence Day celebration. She said she hopes the committee will be able to take on other events.

Currently, there are four days of events listed on the Jefferson County website for the Parks and Recreation Department. The Independence Day celebration and “Kick Butte” Series Sprint Triathlon are scheduled for June 27; Paddle Dash Kyathlon is scheduled for July 11; “Kick Butte” Series Olympic Triathlon is scheduled Aug. 15; and Buddies Aren’t Bullies Car Show/Fall Festival is scheduled for Sept. 12.

Eames initially approached commissioners in October about forming a committee. At the time, Commissioner Scott Hancock said he liked the idea. Commissioner Roger Clark expressed initial hesitation if the lake events were to conflict with other community events. Eames said in October she does not want to compete with other events.

“I think that all entities need to support each other, that’s how I feel as well,” she told Clark.

Commissioners unanimously approved the formation of the committee Dec. 23.