Jefferson County Planning and Zoning tabled a 77.6 acre subdivision from Higley Developments LLC during their Sept. 2 meeting. The development is currently called Mill Creek Estates and is located on 89 N 4200 E. Division 1 will have 44 lots on 39.5 acres, Division 2 will have 34 lots on 26.1 acres, and Division 3 will have 2 large lots on 12.06 acres. Each lot will be approximately 6/10 of an acre, with the exception of a few larger lots and some green-space.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Kevin Hathaway stated there was a question of which subdivision ordinance to apply to the application because it was submitted around the time the ordinances were being changed earlier this year. Planning and Zoning doesn’t handle which subdivision ordinance the plat should be put under, the county legal attorney, and possibly the developers attorney, will go over this and come to a conclusion. Hathaway mentioned the new subdivision ordinance was adopted May 21, 2021, which was around the time the developers submitted their application.

“It was platted several years ago, and the developers haven’t done anything with it until now,” said Hathaway. “It was originally developed under a different development company, but has always been referred to as Mill Creek Estates. Since it’s been platted, there has been no movement forward, aside from platting.”

Hathaway stated the normal process of an application for a plat requires an information packet to be put together with the applicable documents for consideration of the application. This can take several months to put together; it all depends on when the applicant submits their paperwork.

The application was tabled by the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning commission until a decision is made as to which ordinance applies to the application. It hasn’t been denied as of right now.

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