Shelly Allred, a resident of Jefferson County, was approved by the county commissioners to pay 50% of the fees on a delinquent parcel of land, but there will be no reduction in the total cost of the taxes.

According to Allred, she had received a notice that she had a tax sale on a small strip of land that she believed Devon Dial owned. The strip is approximately 24 feet wide and goes alongside the parcel she owns. Allred mentioned there was a fence built between the Green and Allred parcels years ago.

Allred stated, when they were deeded their five acres, they believed the fence line was used as a breaker between her property and Dial’s. Allred asked if the fence got grandfathered in, and Commissioner Scott Hancock said no. Hancock stated that whoever does the survey will have to readjust the boundary.

Allred stated she is unaware as to when this all occurred. Hancock mentioned it could have happened the first time the property was surveyed. Allred asked if she should have been notified of the delinquent property, and Hancock said, from the Assessor and tax portion, they go off of what the legal description is.

Treasurer Kristine Lund stated the Assessor’s Office does not dive in or research until the parcel is three years delinquent. Allred stated she is frustrated they have lived there for over forty years and the property has changed hands so many times and yet nothing was ever said.

Allred asked if her only option was to attend the tax auction, and Hancock stated if she does not get the quitclaim, then that would be her only option.

Allred stated she is not sure how much tax is due and was curious if there was a way to reduce the costs. Hancock asked Lund if there was a way that Allred could pay the back taxes in order to keep the property from going to sale, and Lund said yes. Hancock stated Dial was willing to sign a deed, which would give Allred more time and take it off the auction. Lund stated she believed the total was around $600.

Allred stated Dial was amenable up until the past week. Allred stated she is willing to pay the taxes and half the fees.

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