Jefferson County is looking for a use permit from Rigby Planning and Zoning for their fencing project around the jail. 

According to Rigby Planning and Zoning Administrator Ione Hansen, the Rigby city ordinance states that fences can be up to six feet tall, and the county wants to do a taller one. 

Emergency Manager Rebecca Squires stated that the plans include a 12 feet tall fence with an additional 12 inches of barbed wire.

The county project was approved through CARES Act funding with Pro Line being awarded the fencing bid for $24,700, Door Man doing the gate and hydraulics for $47,258, and Nelson Electric will do the electrical work for $5,093. 

"This is in response to the coronavirus," Squires previously told commissioners in Sept. "Should there be an evacuation of the jail due to a COVID outbreak, this would be a place to hold the inmates. In past, the plan for evacuation was to put inmates on buses and guard buses, but with how many buses it would take and social distancing guidelines, that’s not possible anymore. It would also depend on the availability of buses."

Originally, the county was on the draft meeting agenda for Nov. 5 for the special use permit but Hansen stated it was moved because the county had to go through City Planning and Zoning first. That meeting is set to be held on Dec. 10.