During the Sept. 7 Jefferson County Commissioner meeting, the commissioners discussed approving a contract with the City of Idaho Falls to have an Ambulance Service Agreement.

At the July 14 commissioner meeting, Idaho Falls Fire Department Fire Chief Dwayne Nelson informed the Jefferson County Commissioners they would need to increase the contract by 25%. The 2020 contract was a total of $212,784, which was the amount Jefferson County paid to utilize the Idaho Falls ambulances.

Prosecuting Attorney Mark Taylor stated during the Sept. 7 meeting, he had difficulty with some of the terms that were in the contract.

Audrey Moon, from the commissioner’s office, stated the only changes made to the contract was the amount.

Taylor mentioned this would open up a floodgate on contracts. Taylor stated the commissioners would have to take in any discussion or rebuttal during board meetings and through emails instead of just interpreting the contract.

Hancock stated he is not super concerned about this. Taylor reiterated this is only an issue if the contract came into dispute.

At the Sept. 13 commissioner meeting, the commissioners unanimously approved the yearly ambulance service agreement with the City of Idaho Falls for $265,980.

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