Mickey Eames with Jefferson County Parks and Recreation has received approval to put in playground equipment at Jefferson Lake.

Eames received a $2,000 grant from Rocky Mountain Power for playground equipment and permission from commissioners to move forward with the project, which has been given a total of $12,000 to complete.

“I’ll be putting it in at the campground and I want to do one by shelter B and shelter C,” Eames told commissioners. “We’re gonna have campers out there with little kids and it would be nice to have playground equipment to have them play on, then they’re not all coming around to the front. I’m trying to keep things spread out a little bit because the beach gets so crowded.”

Eames will be pulling the funding from the grant and cash revenues from the 2020 budget for the project, which she initially told commissioners she was looking for $33,000 for two playgrounds. She hopes to have one put in for the fall.

Commissioner Scott Hancock and Eames discussed the budget for several minutes, with Hancock focusing on the importance of ensuring they had enough revenue in the budget to cover the purchase with the 2020 budget.

“The cash has to carry through til’ next May,” Hancock told Eames. “We do have to pay for salaried, but we should be good.”

The $12,000 budget was approved unanimously and Eames stated that she was looking at a company in Ashton and another in Boise for bids on the project, as prices on the equipment has gone up a bit since she first looked into the project.

“The equipment we get will depend on the cost but I want to get a swing set, a merry-go-round, a round slide and some bouncy things for both areas,” Eames said. “I’m hoping the first one will be up before the year is up and do another next year.”