Jefferson School District 251 announces the opening of the Rigby Virtual Academy


(JJSD #251) — Jefferson Joint School District 251 announces the opening of the Rigby Virtual Academy for students in grades k-8. We would like to introduce Principal Levi Jaynes to the community as well as the virtual academy.

Principal Jaynes grew up in Filer, Idaho. He graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Math and Chemistry degree. He decided to become a teacher because he remembered how supportive and influential his teachers and coaches were, and he wanted to do the same to help others. Mr. Jaynes earned a master’s degree in Math Education from Radford University. As his family grew older, he decided to move closer to home. He moved to Eastern Idaho and earned a second master’s in Education Administration from Idaho State.

In Jefferson School District #251, Jaynes was the administrator of the Early Childhood Center and has served as an Instructional Coach before taking the position of principal at the Rigby Virtual Academy. Mr. Jayne’s strong classroom management skills and building trusting relationships with parents and students are why he was selected to be the principal of Rigby Virtual Academy.

The Rigby Virtual Academy is an opportunity to offer a quality education to students who do not want to attend traditional, face-to-face school but still receive supports and be part of a learning community. Mr. Jaynes believes that online programs sometimes isolate students with the curriculum. The goal of the academy is to provide students with opportunities to interact with their peers while learning content. Teachers will host class meetings where students will have the opportunity to interact with each other and receive teacher support on a consistent basis. We want to challenge students academically in a virtual setting.

Parents interested in enrolling their students in the academy should contact the District Office at 208-745-6693.