The City of Lewisville recently declared themselves as a Second Amendment Sanctuary City.

The resolution, which passed unanimously Nov. 11, states that the city opposed the enactment of any legislations that would infringe upon the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms, as they are “unconstitutional and beyond lawful legislative authority.”

Mayor George Judd stated that he presented the resolution pretty recently and that the city council members were all on board with passing such a resolution.

The resolution further states that the city will not use any funds to enforce “unconstitutional laws against the people of Lewisville, Idaho.”

“We passed it unanimously and hopefully we never get challenged in court over it,” Judd said.

Becoming a second amendment “sanctuary city” isn’t the only change for Lewisville though. The fiber optic project is nearing completion with Judd stating they hope to have every home hooked up by the end of the first week in Dec.

The city received money for the project through the CARES Act to provide fiber optic broadband to household within city limits in Sept. to help facilitate distance learning, at-home work, and increase access to telehealth and telemedicine.

The grant covers the laying of fiber optic cable as well as the connection fee during installation. New customers will be charged the connection fee once the project is completed.

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