During the Lewisville City Council meeting on July 14, the council voted against moving forward with putting in a right-of-way on the adjacent residents’ property.

Mayor George Judd stated the council chose to have another public hearing at the request of Lewisville residents. Judd said the first public hearings were more in favor than against, but last night’s meeting drastically changed into the against column.

“The council listened to the public during the hearing and decided to scrap the idea,” Judd said. “Some were okay, some were worried about the liability of the trees.”

According to Judd, the council was hoping for grants, but a grant from Homeland Security to remove the trees, and all of the hoops they would have to jump through, were difficult. Lewisville hasn’t been tracking the effects of when a tree comes down; they don’t have enough data to show the benefit of a grant like that. Residents were concerned about taking on the liability. Judd stated the city will go about taking the trees down on an emergency basis.

Judd stated other issues that were brought up during the meeting were people would be allowed to park in front of the homeowner’s property again, as well as uneven fence lines and beautification.

“There were some concerns there,” Judd said. “It was pretty high numbers against it, so we are done with it.”

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