Lewisville Council discusses changes to roads

Lewisville Mayor George Judd

Patrons and city council members in Lewisville discussed possible changes to the roads and right of ways June 10.

According to Mayor George Judd, the city currently has a width of 99.5 feet for all roads, much more than the city actually needs.

“Not even the county or the state has that much,” Judd said. “The most the state has is about 80 feet.”

If the city were to forego one rod on each street, with exceptions to roads with canals and railroads, the land would revert to the property owners with the shared boundary.

Judd stated that while there was a mix of patrons in favor of the changes and those opposed, he said it’s ultimately up to the council, who plans to make a decision at their July meeting.

Concerns included the increased taxes on the land owners would receive, which Judd says for him, would only cost about $5 a month.

“It’s really not that much,” he said. “Some property owners would be getting almost half an acre of land for free. People were pretty excited about that part.”

The city is currently having a survey completed, which the decision will impact future planning for memorials and other projects.

The Lewisville City Council meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. July 8.