In their October meeting, Lewisville City Council members discussed a property line study and a traffic plan that would help them better understand their city, and approved funding for one of them.

Both of the studies would help the city receive grant funding in the future, according to the draft minutes of the meeting. The city council approved to pay Thompson Engineering $11,600 to conduct a city survey to establish the property lines. According to the draft minutes, the money is coming from the Contingency Fund. Lewisville Mayor George Judd said part of the reason for the study is to determine which trees are on city property and which are not.

“(It’s to) try to assess responsibility of the trees,” Judd said.

According to the draft minutes of the meeting, Lewisville was within budget other than the capital investment fund, which went over because of two trees burned on city property over the summer. That burn, caused July 4 by a citizen burning weeds, cost the city $15,000, Judd said. The homeowner’s insurance company for the man responsible for the fire has agreed they should be liable for the full amount billed, according to the draft minutes.

Judd said he has been working on securing funding for the traffic study, which could come from a Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) grant. He said the city has never had a traffic plan. According to the draft meeting minutes, Keller Associates will be putting together the grant application for the study. Judd said the grant would entirely fund the study if the city receives it.

“We’re on (LHTAC’s) radar for it, and hopefully we get a lot of good points where we’ve never had a plan,” Judd said.