Former Senator Jeff Siddoway of Terreton, current Senator Van Burtenshaw of Terreton and former District 35B Representative Karey Hanks of St. Anthony, were named Ag All-Stars by Food Producers of Idaho.

Siddoway, Burtenshaw and Hanks were among 73 other legislators to be named Ag All-Stars. Their selection was based upon their voting records on selected pieces of legislation in the 2018 Idaho Legislative Session.

Every topic that is identified as a tracked issue by the Food Producers organization may be an issue that will be used on the organization’s scorecard at the end of the session.

The legislators were honored at a recognition banquet at the beginning of the 2019 Session in Boise.

According to Executive Director Rick Waitley, the first year a legislator is honored, the award is an Ag License plate that reads, “AL STR”. Each year after the initial award, a smaller plate with that year engraved on it is presented to each honoree.

This is Siddoway’s, Burtenshaw’s and Hanks’ second time being selected as Ag All-Stars.

The award has been presented for the last nineteen legislative sessions.

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