Fred Cordell Taylor, 65, of Jefferson County, was indicted on Sept. 1. to the District Court of Idaho and is being charged with one count of felony infamous crime against nature, which carries a sentence of no less than 5 years and/or a $50,000 fine; and one count of felony forcible sexual penetration by a foreign object, which carries a sentence up to life and/or a $50,000 fine.

Serhiy “Gus” Stavynskyy is the lead prosecutor on the case.

Taylor’s case is set to continue on Sept. 20, 2021 with an arraignment, where he will be read his charges.

According to a police report that was filed on Aug. 30, 2020 by Corporal Tyler Wray, Wray was dispatched to 27 N 4307 E in Rigby for a female that was allegedly attempting to get into someone’s home. Wray responded to the incident and found a woman wearing all black, sitting in the fetal position in the corner, by the garage door.

Wray stated he had the woman get up and sit in the back of his patrol vehicle. She then informed Wray that she had been beaten and raped.

According to the report, just prior to this call, in the evening of Aug. 29, 2020, Officer Christian Teague with the Rigby City Police Department was dispatched to the Maverik in Rigby for a suspicious person that was seen walking around and trying to get into parked vehicles in the parking lot and at the gas pumps.

According to Teague’s Rigby City Police report, the female was seen, on camera, getting into a vehicle and leaving. Teague’s report stated he notified other deputies to be on the lookout for the vehicle in question and the intoxicated female.

In the morning of Aug. 30, Wray’s report stated the woman’s friend, Tyler, who was the gentleman that took her to the Top Cat Bar and then took her to the Maverik to go to the bathroom, was at the Maverik the entire time the woman went missing. Wray stated Tyler believed she was only using the bathroom and was waiting for her when she had slipped out the side door and then got into Taylor’s car.

On the morning of Aug. 30, Teague was at the Maverik, and had asked if the woman would be willing to go to the hospital to have a rape kit completed, and she had agreed. Wray stated the reason the woman was brought back to the Maverik was that was where the incident started and that was also where they met the woman’s parents in order for them to take her to the hospital.

The report states Teague gave Wray an address in Rigby, 252 N 4300 E, which Teague stated could be a possible address for the individual the woman had left with.

Wray states in his report that he responded to the address. There was no one at home, but a woman, identified as Taylor’s sister, stated Taylor was at a property in Teton Valley. Wray called Taylor by phone and advised him to come into the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to talk.

Wray’s report stated Taylor arrived at the sheriff’s office and was given his Miranda rights before being interviewed. The report mentions Taylor came into the office holding a pink sandal and what appeared to be women’s underwear tucked into the sandal.

According to Taylor, after he left the Maverik, he noticed a female sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle and advised her to get out. Taylor stated the woman told Taylor that it was her friend, Tyler’s, car.

Wray’s report states the woman is then seen on the Maverik security camera getting out of Taylor’s vehicle and going over to a PT Cruiser and attempting to open the doors. Then a dark colored car pulled in and the driver got out and the woman is seen going up to the driver, who turns and says something to her, and then goes into the Maverik.

According to Wray’s report, Taylor had asked an individual in a pickup in front of his vehicle if they knew “this girl,” to which they stated no and drove away. The woman is seen walking up towards Taylor, who is leaning on a post next to his vehicle at the gas pump. The woman then got inside the back door behind the driver’s seat of Fred’s vehicle. Fred is seen putting the gas nozzle back at the pump and gets in his vehicle and drives away with the woman.

Wray stated everything Taylor said was accurate as to what was visible on the security footage. Wray then asked what Taylor had brought with him. Taylor informed Wray it was the woman’s shoe and underwear that were left in his backseat.

Taylor told Wray he knew the woman was either on drugs or drunk. Taylor considered taking the woman to the sheriff’s department, but was allegedly distracted by her biting and kissing his neck.

In a later conversation, Wray stated he could tell the woman was impaired, somehow. It was unclear if she had been slipped something or not.

The report states Taylor mentioned the woman had asked him to perform sexually explicit acts on her, which he did.

According to the report, Taylor stated the young woman then told him where to drop her off, which he did. The homeowner then reported the woman outside of their residence moments later.

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