Local museum becomes classroom for a day

Evangeline Oliver, Eden Oliver and Jethro Friedel look for items to mark off on their scavenger hunt lists while at Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum in Rigby. The three, pictured left to right, are members of home-school group Classical Conversations in Idaho Falls.

Around 100 home-schooled students visited Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum in Rigby Nov. 1, taking advantage of the local education opportunity.

The students came in groups throughout the day. Two groups came from Classical Conversations, a Christian home-school group with two campuses in Idaho Falls. Another group came from Logos Online School.

”This is the first time we’ve ever had a group of strictly home-school students,” museum volunteer Gary Spaulding said.

Julia Oliver, an unofficial field-trip coordinator for home-school student groups in the Idaho Falls area, said she had originally planned to come with another group her children are part of — Tech Trep Academy. Tech Trep Academy, a digital curriculum provider, has thousands of students. Oliver said she expected around 200, then around 400 to come on the museum field trip.

”That’s too many,” Spaulding said.

Oliver said after seeing the museum herself, she realized why museum volunteers “panicked” when she told them the numbers.

”I’m so glad we didn’t bring 200, 400 kids through here,” she said, taking in the space.

Home-school students that did come participated in scavenger hunts, looked at old items and learned more about local history. Oliver said in the past, she has taken students to Rigby parks, the Museum of Idaho and various exercise centers.

”We find different ways to keep learning,” she said.