The state identified schools for recognition and for targeted support and improvement (TSI) based on the performance of 10 subgroups of students Sept. 5. West Jefferson School District No. 253, Jefferson Joint School District No. 251 and Ririe Joint School District each had schools included in either recognition or in need of support.

“Today (Sept. 5), we continue to celebrate bright spots in student performance across the state,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said. “We also flagged for district attention schools where subgroups of students have shown performance gaps for three consecutive years. As we review the gaps identified, the most common groups are those with students who face a significant disadvantage that impacts their learning, including those with disabilities and those learning English. This information aids the dialogue underway about what state support is necessary for educators working with our highest-needs students.”

According to an Idaho State Department of Education press release overall top performing schools were recognized on the remaining indicators in the framework: students taking advanced math in eighth and ninth grades; and performance in the spring Idaho Reading Indicator.

Ririe High School was recognized as a top performing high school with regards to “advanced opportunities” and Ririe Elementary and Middle School was recognized as a top performer in “engagement.”

Also recognized were goal-makers and schools with subgroups of students who met interim targets for 2018 in proficiency for math and English language arts, and graduation rates.

Jefferson School District Elementary Schools that were recognized include Jefferson (math, English language growth), Midway (English language growth), Harwood (English language growth), Farnsworth (math, English language growth), Roberts (English language growth) and South Fork (math, English language growth).

Rigby Middle School was also recognized for meeting its goals in math and Rigby High School was recognized for graduation rates.

In addition to being recognized as a top performer, Ririe High School met its goal in English language arts and graduation rates.

In the West Jefferson School District, Hamer Elementary School was identified as a school that met its goal in English language arts and math while Terreton Elementary and West Jefferson Junior High School met its goals in English language growth.

West Jefferson High School also met its graduation rate goal.

The state notified districts that of the 708 schools reviewed, 247 were identified for targeted support and improvement (TSI) based on at least one subgroup performance gap.

West Jefferson Junior High School was the only school in the local school districts that was identified for target support.

A school is identified for TSI when a subgroup of at least 20 students is identified as consistently underperforming. In the state’s accountability system, consistent underperformance is evidenced by three consecutive years of a performance gap of at least 35 percent each year on an indicator. Ten subgroups are monitored and their performance compared to their non-subgroup peers on nine indicators established by the State Board of Education and Legislature.

The most frequent groups identified for consistent underperformance were students with disabilities served in special education programs and students who are learning English.

Once a district is notified of a school’s TSI identification, it is required to ensure the school does the following: Develop a plan to improve that includes a comprehensive needs assessment and involves stakeholders including principals and other school leaders, teachers and parents; identify interventions to be used; submit the plan for district approval and monitoring.


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