Local singer brings music to the community

Rigby singer Chelsey Andersen enjoys singing on stage.

Not all singers need to make a career out of it, and many do not and do not want to.

For now at least, Chelsey Jeanne Andersen is a Rigby singer who simply enjoys the art she can create with her voice and enjoys sharing that art with the people around her.

“It’s a good way to express myself and it’s really therapeutic,” she said. “And I enjoy just being on stage.”

Andersen said her first time on stage, she was 6 years old. She went on to participate in choir at Madison High School for four years before graduating in 2014. She said she continued choir for a couple years in college.

Andersen said her grandmother was a singer with an all-female choir, but otherwise, she said she is the only one in her family. She said she became interested in singing more when her mom and the people around her encouraged her, and then it went from there.

“The better I got, the more I enjoyed it,” she said.

Currently, Andersen is in a band called Wise Blood, and she and her band mates primarily perform covers of indie rock and old country. The group performed July 3 at Alive After Five in Idaho Falls. Prior to singing in Wise Blood, Andersen said she enjoyed ballads and singing “really loud and really big.”

While Andersen enjoys performing on stage, she said she also frequently sings in the car. She said when she’s alone she feels free to take more risks and is not as careful as when she’s singing in front of others.

“It’s fun to just figure out how much I can stretch my voice without embarrassing myself,” she said. “And then singing in front of people, it kind of feels that my work is paying off.”

Andersen said she seems confident on stage, but off-stage, she is quieter and might not be as talkative as people expect when they come up to speak to and congratulate her.

“I appreciate that a lot,” she said. “But I’m just super shy, so it doesn’t seem like it,”

Andersen said she plans to stick with Wild Blood for a while, and also plans to start writing her own music.

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