During the Menan City Council meeting on Sept. 9, Matt and Dean Hancock’s final plat was approved for a rental unit subdivision.

Mayor Tad Haight stated, because of the city’s ordinances, the council was able to approve the final plat on the condition the units in the subdivision are rentals. They will be duplexes: four buildings but eight individual dwellings.

Haight mentioned the plat was presented last fall, but was not approved because of missing information.

Matt stated their plat currently has four buildings, but they would like to have five if they are able to accommodate five.

“We were trying to do some townhomes so people had the option to have a smaller yard and other options for housing,” said Matt. “We wanted to give the older generation and even new families an opportunity to be able to live in Menan.”

Jake Girche stated, at this time, there is no contract between him and the Hancock’s; he has only discussed purchasing the property but does not currently own it.

Haight stated the original plat would have had 14,000 square feet per each building, and then each individual would have 7,000 square feet of yard, but the city’s ordinance doesn’t allow for that. The ordinance required 13,000 square foot per domicile.

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