The City of Menan has implemented a new parking ordinance with hopes of increasing safety around the popular restaurant, Teton House, and during the Fourth of July celebration.

“The signs are on order,” Menan Mayor Tad Haight said. “It is one of the most enthusiastically asked for and sought after [things]. it’s the one I get the most calls about; probably a couple a week.”

The area around the Teton House has been a source of concern previously with the parking situation in the past, with Haight saying they’re just a victim of their own success.

One of the Teton House owners, Leo Hancock, said that he hasn’t been able to attend many city council meetings and he wasn’t aware of what the new parking ordinance entailed just yet. Hancock said they were in the process of looking for other parking options.

Haight stated that according to the city attorney, they will have the ability to write tickets with the new ordinance in place. To issue a citation, license plate numbers, the make and model of the car, and a photo proving the citation will have to be provided in addition to correctly filling out the ticket paperwork.

“It’s just become quite a hazard; people step out from behind cars,” Haight said. “Maybe we can make ‘em park a little more cautiously.”

Haight stated that if every Idaho parking law was enforced, there would be no parking available in Menan. The new parking ordinance, according to Haight, basically says to just follow the signs.