The Menan City Council decided to move forward with FyberCom’s proposal to install lite fiber in the city Thursday night, approving the proposal to go to publication and then a public hearing.

City Attorney Kris Meek indicated that he finished the bill between the city and FyberCom that needs to be signed by the council.

He said after its publication the council will hold a public hearing during its June 13 meeting, which would require a supermajority of the council for approval.

Following the council’s approval, Meek said it will become an ordinance.

Meek said FyberCom has agreed to run lines to both the city hall and the community center and provide service free of charge indefinitely, plus they have agreed to cover the publication fees for the ordinance.

“Just as long as there is a franchise agreement in the town,” he said.

FyberCom representatives said they will begin pulling fiber conduit from Annis to the Menan city limits this week.

Menan Mayor Tad Haight said even if the council decides not to approve the lite fiber, FyberCom was already planning on running conduit to the butte either way.

After the fiber is approved, FyberCom will develop a website allowing residents to “opt in.”

The council noted that installing the fiber wouldn’t be a city expense. Interested homeowners who are not already FyberCom customers would be charged $150 for hookups.

Representatives from FyberCom originally presented the idea to the Menan City Council April 11.

FyberCom proposed installing lite fiber in the denser areas of Menan, and then reposition the radios to areas that currently receive low internet speeds. He said the fiber is already present at the Annis Buttes and they are attempting to bring it down to Menan.

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