Menan looks to implement RV ordinance


Menan City Council is looking at implementing an ordinance dealing with people living in recreational vehicles within the city.

“We’ve had some concerns from residents about visitors coming, or people parking a trailer or a RV on other residents’ property and then living out of them,” said Allyson Pettingill, Menan city clerk.

Menan Mayor Tad Haight said he had not wanted to pass an ordinance because people sometimes visit family or friends from out of state.

“There’s two scenarios,” Haight said. “One of them is — you have somebody visit from out of state, they put their travel trailer in your backyard or in your driveway, you run a hose to it and you’ve got a guest room for a month until they decide to go back home.”

Haight said the second scenario involves individuals skirting a backyard for an extended period of time and dumping sewage on the ground.

Pettingill said Menan already has a few ordinances that apply to a trailer situation. She said one ordinance only allows one residence on a property. Another ordinance deals with sewage. She said the trailer ordinance would clarify the requirements in a trailer situation.

“It’s more a way of making it more defined and more straight-forward,” she said.

Haight said the ordinance will likely be modeled after a Lewisville ordinance.

According to a Lewisville zoning regulation ordinance (8-5-9), temporary use of an RV is allowed for up to seven days without a permit. After that seven day period, someone using an RV must obtain a permit for an additional 30 day use. An individual can receive permits that last up to 60 days collectively in a calendar year.

Lewisville Mayor George Judd said the 30-day extension is intended to allow individuals time to obtain a conditional use permit if they have a sick relative or other need to use the trailer.

Pettingill said the Menan council has been going back on forth on the number of days and whether people can receive further extensions after the initial permit. She said council members will likely consider an ordinance during their December meeting.