After a few years of waiting and petitioning, Menan City Council was approved during the Aug. 25 meeting for a budget override of $40,000 per year for the next two years to do an overlay on Menan's Main St. Jefferson County Public Works will doing the work.

Mayor Tad Haight lamented that Main St. has become a through-road for trucks that are trying to get from I-15 to I-20, which started when the Menan-Lorenzo interchange and Roberts Interchange were put in. Haight thinks one thing has led to another. It has put a lot of additional pressure on the road.

"It has basically accelerated wear and tear on the road," said Haight. "But the new overlay, I'm excited about. We have worked hard for this little bit of asphalt."

Haight mentioned the council informed the public they would use the budget override money well. The council agreed to put most of the funds into road repairs.

Haight stated another obligation the council informed the public of is the council will put some of the extended budget money into a capitol expense fund to use at a later date.

Haight also mentioned that in order to get the budget override, they had to get 70% approval from the community for the override to be approved, and the council received over 80% in support from the community.

According to Haight, a road engineer had spoken with the council and informed them they shouldn't fix bad roads, but maintain the good roads; this is called Remaining Service Life (RSL).

"We're gonna get Main St. done, and then the big weird corner over by Valley Wide," said Haight. "Because it's a bit of a mess."

Haight mentioned they had tried to ask the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) if they could tear out the corner by Valley Wide, but there was no definitive answer from them. Haight stated it is called a banged-curve into a school zone. For those coming in hard and fast and going into the school zone, that could cause problems. The reason Menan can't get any funding for the curve is because there have been no fatalities on the corner.

Haight also stated, after a traffic study, it was concluded it would be best to put a four-way stop instead. However, that idea hasn't been popular among the semi-drivers. As for now, there is no plans on putting a four-stop into the Valley Wide corner.

Menan Main St. is currently in the process of getting the overlay.

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