During the Menan City Council meeting held July 8, the Menan Planning and Zoning commission presented proposed changes to the Menan City Code. The changes were not approved at this time.

According to Menan Mayor Tad Haight, the council discussed thoroughly the differences between a condo, a townhome, and a duplex. Haight stated the person that wrote the documents did not provide good definitions.

Haight stated developers want to take a lenient view at the definitions when putting in subdivisions. What the council decided to do was ask Menan Planning and Zoning to look at the problem, and they ultimately decided to do away with everything.

“It seemed the easier thing,” said Haight. “If we can’t administer it, we should get rid of it.”

The proposed changes to Menan City Code are as follows:

7-2-4 — Remove “and duplexes”

7-3-1-C-1 — Remove “Apartments and Multi-family Dwellings.” Change to secondary dwelling or accessory apartment.

7-3-1-E-1 — The minimum lot area for a single family dwelling is one acre per two-family dwelling.

7-3-1-E-2 — The minimum lot area for a two-family dwelling is one acre per two-family dwelling. Maximum density is two dwellings per acre.

7-3-3-A — (Purpose) Remove “and duplexes.”

7-3-3-B-1 — Remove “including duplexes.”

7-3-7-H-5 — (Land use table-parking) Remove apartments and row houses.

7-3-7-J-2 — Removed. (All of it)

7-3-7-J-3 (a) — Each home space shall contain a minimum of 17,000 square feet. Maximum density shall be two dwellings per acre.

The council also decided they need to define “Temporary Dwelling” and “Secondary Dwelling,” but they haven’t decided on how to define them yet.

According to Haight, the council hopes these will be put into effect in August, if they are able to make it work by then.

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