Mud Lake mayor walks to raise money for Clark County schools


Mud Lake Mayor Sherry Locascio has joined mayors across the state in raising money for her community this month — one step at a time.

The Mayor’s Walking Challenge, held annually by the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, started Oct. 1, allows mayors to raise $1,000 for their communities. Throughout the month, each of the mayors participating in the challenge must average 10,000 steps per day in order to earn the money.

“It is fun, and it’s a great opportunity,” Locascio said.

Locascio is the only mayor in Jefferson and Clark counties participating in the challenge. She said it surprised her to hear no other mayors had decided to join.

“I was shocked, I really was,” she said. “You can earn $1,000 for just doing something you should be doing anyway.”

This is Locascio’s second year participating in the challenge. In addition to being the mayor of Mud Lake, Locascio is also a junior high language arts teacher with the Clark County School District. She said the school district allows her to take her classes walking with her some days when the classes get their work done.

“It is fun, and the kids love to be able to go walk with you,” she said.

Last year, Locascio gave the $1,000 to the school district for equipment to help children be active. She said the district purchased tether balls and an airplane teeter-totter at Lindy Ross Elementary School and balls for junior high school students. She said if she receives the $1,000 this year, it will also go to the school, as the district ultimately helps her with her steps by allowing her to take her classes on walks.

“(Clark County) has been so good with me, they were last year and they were this year” she said.

Locascio said this year has been more difficult than last year due to colder, windier weather. She said one windy day, she needed to finish getting her steps, and so she walked with the wind until she reached the goal. Then, she called her husband, Bill Locascio to pick her up. Sherry Locascio said it has also been difficult because Bill spent some time in the hospital in the middle of October.

“I’ve got some steps to make up, but I’m doing all right,” Locascio said Oct. 17.

Locascio is among 77 mayors participating in the challenge state-wide, according to a Blue Cross of Idaho news release. Funds the mayors raise are intended to support school or community projects and programs that promote physical activity or access to healthy foods.