Three new courses have been proposed at Rigby High School along with a new course at Farnsworth Middle School.

Apparel Construction Fundamentals was proposed by Shantel Tavoian for students to develops skills and knowledge in basic apparel construction techniques. The class would be for grade levels 11 and 12 and will be one credit. Fashion and Textiles will be the prerequisite course.

Jesse Arnold proposed an Improv Comedy Troupe course which will be a performance-based class to practice improv techniques and skills for monthly performances.

Acting One and Audition will be the required prerequisite course and it will be a course that takes place for three trimesters. According to the course proposal, in Acting One and Two students learn basic improv skills but they don’t have the opportunities for community performances.

Michael Feik has proposed Ceramics Two to improve on their working knowledge of a professional potter. Students will work with a potters wheel, glaze and learn how to use a kiln and fire it. The course will be two credits for any students in grades nine through 12 and will only take one semester to complete.

At Farnsworth Middle School, Dylan Nelson, the current Pre-Engineering Technology teacher, has proposed Robotics as a during school course for students in seventh and eighth grade. According to the course proposal, students will use previously learned coding knowledge to create a robot to compete.

All the courses were approved by the board and are set to be put on the class schedules for the 2021-2022 school year. According to Executive Secretary and School Board Clerk Monica Pauley, the classes will have to meet a minimum enrollment in order to move forward, but she believes they’ll be able to meet the requirements.