The Rigby City Council approved the early purchase of new sewer lift station pumps Oct. 1.

The pumps, which are a scheduled expense, are the last pieces in completing the new lift station which is being built at the corner of Annis Highway and 400 N.

“We’re ordering them early because right now, they’re on back order for several months,” Rigby Public Works Director Mitch Bradley said. “We don’t want to finish and then have to wait for weeks or months to get those final pieces.”

The station, which will be on the east side of the Road across from the power station, will redirect between a third and a half of the city’s waste from the main lift station at 3rd West.

“Everything goes to that lift station,” Bradley said. “It’s always running. If it breaks down, we’d be in big trouble. Having another lift station to help with transferring the city’s waste to the sewer plant will make things last longer at the main plant.”

The pumps along with the control box will cost $79,102.52.