Over 200 homes coming to Rigby

Work began where the Eagles Rest Subdivision is planned to build the week of Sept. 14. The proposed subdivision hopes to put in 128 buildable lots of single-family, side-by-side homes.

Annis Highway will see two new subdivisions and over 200 new homes.

According to Rigby Planning and Zoning administrator Ione Hansen, Eagles Rest subdivision by Pacific Holding, LLC. will be built behind the Rigby Professional Plaza and catty-corner from the Central Fire District at approximately 400 N. 3950 E.

Eagles Rest currently plans to have 128 build-able lots of single-family, side-by-side homes. Mayor Jason Richardson will have to sign the mylars, or blueprints, but the subdivision has been approved to move forward with development.

The ground has been broken on the Eagles Rest subdivision property, with earthmoving equipment starting work the week of Sept. 16.

The public hearing for the Eagles Rest subdivision was held June 25, where Blake Jolley with Connect Engineering stated the homes would share a common wall and each home will have a two-car garage.

Jolley also stated the streets would be designed for parking, with three parking spaces in addition to the garages. There will also be 30% green space in the subdivision and a perimeter fence around the area.

At the public hearing, there were no comments for, against or neutral.

Another subdivision, Sugarmill Estates owned by Greg Nelson and Ray Peterson, applied to put in 93 lots at approximately 3929 E. 400 N. behind the Central Fire District buildings along Annis Highway.

At the Rigby City Council meeting Sept. 17, the plat was approved unanimously, with the only comment coming from council member Nichole Weight saying it was a lot of homes.

A representative with Fox Investments informed the council that the subdivision would be completed in four phases and they would be developing 30 lots at time. There is a plan for green space in the subdivision by the canal.

“I think it’s a nice vision for the city to have some R1 [zoning] and get rid of the islands of undeveloped land,” Council member Aliza King said.

The Sugarmill public hearing was held Aug. 13 after Planning and Zoning asked Nelson to replat the project.

“We have revised the plat and made the lots larger on the north side of the property and widened the lots on the west side to make it more in line with the surrounding lots,” Nelson said according to the draft meeting minutes.

Commissioner Rex Sutherland stated he would like to see a green belt along E. 400 N. which Nelson said would be a nice feature.

During the time for comment, Bill Clark spoke against the project, stating he is very familiar with the canal and the bridge.

“I have a small farm that I irrigate with this canal,” Clark said. “I am concerned about trash and grass clippings in the canal. The bridge in the winter with frost and if it’s steep, then the traffic will shoot out on to 400 N. I’m just concerned about the safety of the residence and 400 N. is a busy road. That many houses and lots are going to make that road even busier.”

There were no for or neutral comments in the hearing.

Commissioner Roger Warner stated he was concerned about the canal and road access, although he had no problems with the subdivision.

“There are many people that rely on the canal for irrigation and we need to make sure its flow is maintained,” he said. “My main concern is the safety of the people that use the roads and the right of the canal holders.”

Sutherland also stated he had concerns about the roads and stated that maybe the county should get involved to make wider roads, to which Kevin Cowley stated the county had no concerns with the road.

Following some discussion on the roads and canals, Nelson stated the development was going to be done in four stages and that they had time to work on the bridge design. Nelson was then told that Planning and Zoning could not approve only part of a plat.

There was a motion to recommend approval of the Sugarmill Estate with the development agreement showing the four phases and outlining the water rights. The motion was approved.