P & Z talks utility easement, moratorium


Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Administrator Kevin Hathaway presented the Board of Commissioners with a utility easement plan for the townhouse-style apartments being constructed on Courthouse Way at the Sept. 4 meeting.

Hathaway said the issue FOX Investing partners Bo Porter, Kris Stowell and Jake Shumway are having is getting power to their lots. He said they need to have two runs to the property, one of which they’d like to run on the county’s west boundary and the other would “feed” off the Annis Highway. Their back-up is to run it on the eastside.

The commissioners said it’s a definite “no” on the eastside because it would impede on the county’s ability to expand.

“They’re hoping that’s the only easement (west end of property) they need,” Hathaway said. “They may need it to come on the south and the west.”

Commissioner Scott Hancock however questioned why the power wasn’t put in to begin with. Hathaway said he didn’t know.

“The probably thought there was power there,” Commissioner Brian Farnsworth said.

Before agreeing to any easement, Hancock said they need to have a legal description of the exact location of the easement, the width of the easement and what they exactly are planning to do.

“We cannot do this without a legal description,” he said.

The commissioners did agree however that if everything works out, they would be OK with them running electrical on the west and south side if necessary.

“They’ve got to tell us what they need,” Hancock said.

“I’m not totally opposed, but they need to have specifics,” Farnsworth said.

Commissioner Fred Martinez was not present at the meeting.

In other discussion Hathaway recommended that the county support a moratorium on 200 N. until the City of Rigby can get a plan in place for annexation.

“I think we need to support a moratorium on any new subdivision or structure in that development,” he said.

Before the city could officially annex however, both municipalities need to have a jointly adopted area of impact agreement, therefore if one comes to subdivide in the area, they have the same requirements.

Since the city is running a water and sewer line to the new Jefferson Joint School District No. 251 elementary school at 3950 E. and to a new church on 4000 E., Hathaway said they are more than likely going to annex.

The commissioners said they are in favor of the moratorium but before going through with it they need to review the ordinance and speak with County Attorney Weston Davis.

“Let’s get the ordinance out here and let’s get it corrected,” Hancock said.

“You’re on the right track,” Farnsworth said.

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